Rape and assault see in Midsummer Eve

The dark side of Midsummer celebrations reared its ugly head during the early hours of Friday morning when a rape was reported on Öland, off the Swedish east coast.

The holiday island’s police registered a further ten assaults during the night.

Shortly after 4am on Friday a young woman reported that she had been raped at Lundegårdens camping ground north of Borgholm, Öland’s main town.

A man has been arrested, but has not been questioned yet.

The suspect and the victim were both born in 1989. The police had no further information regarding the woman’s injuries.

The Kalmar police force has had a busy night, dealing with a further ten or so cases of assault. Most of these were the usual fisticuffs, but one person was stabbed.

According to police officer on duty Bo Holgersson, it has been a while since the police had so much to do in the wee hours of Midsummer Eve.

“Our patrols have had a lot to do. There has been a lot of drunken disorderliness”, he told TT.

“Hultsfred music festival was nothing compared to last night”, Holgersson added.