Thieves swipe rooftop church cross

A rooftop church cross has mysteriously disappeared from a Serbian orthodox church in Malmö, southern Sweden.

Kvällsposten newspaper reports that either someone or several people must have climbed up onto the church roof and absconded with the gilded cross.

The church’s priest Father Milan is deeply disturbed by the senseless theft.

He told Kvällsposten newspaper: “No cross, no church”.

Father Milan views the theft as a symbolic attack on his people and their church. According to him, there must be a connection with an incident that happened 10 days ago when three men climbed up onto the church’s roof.

Nothing was stolen then, and the police assumed it was an attempted break-in.

The cross was presumably stolen early on Thursday morning when neighbors heard noise and voices around 4 am.

The Serbian orthodox parish was created in Malmö in 1972 and has 7000 member. The cross was put up in 2001 after being blessed by the church’s bishop.