Youth leader may resign over snoop law

Youth leader may resign over snoop law
The head of the Moderate Party’s youth organization (MUF), Niklas Wykman, has threatened in his blog to leave the party if it doesn’t change its position with regard to the new surveillance law.

“I can’t be a member of a party which represents the idea of monitoring all Swedes’ email and telephone calls,” he writes on his blog.

In an interview with the Politikerbloggen website, Wykman said that it’s time to correct the misstep which occurred when the Riksdag approved the new law last week.

But he failed to specify whether he would leave the party if there was no correction.

“You don’t get into a discussion based on the idea you’re going to lose,” he said.

He also criticized Moderate Party Riksdag members for representing the government rather than the party by not voting against the bill.

“The government is not the Moderate Party. The Moderates are a much more freedom-seeking movement than the government in this case,” Wykman told Politikerbloggen.