Officials place chatty bird under house arrest

Politicians in Lerum in western Sweden have ruled that Girli the parrot may only spend two hours each weekday in its outdoor cage and must remain indoors for the entire weekend.

Girli’s neighbour’s think she talks too much and first reported the bright green Amazon parrot to the authorities in 2002.

The neighbours demanded that action be taken against Girli and forty other caged birds in the same garden.

Over the years, council officials have measured the noise levels in the garden on several occasions, eventually coming to the conclusion that “the birds do not dominate the sounds heard in the area”.

But the local ruling body decided that the neighbours could do with a break and threatened Girli’s owner with fines if the birds spent too much time outdoors. The owner has appealed the decision to the county administrative board.

Girli herself seemed unperturbed by all the fuss.

“Good day, good day. Peep! Is that mummy’s birdie?” she said.