No early release for triple murderer

No early release for triple murderer
Photo: Scanpix (File)
A Helsinki court has ruled that triple murderer Nikita Fouganthine, previously known as Juha Valjakkala, will not be released in July as previously planned, Finnish news agency FNB reports.

The Helsinki Court of Appeal ruled on Thursday not to let Foughantine out of jail after he violated the terms of his supervised conditional release last month.

Fouganthine was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a family of three in the Swedish town of Åmsele in 1988. He served his sentence in a Finnish prison.

Fouganthine’s conditional release began in February, with close supervision set to continue until July, after which the conditional release was to be made permanent.

The prison performed a surveillance check late on Saturday night, May 10th, and found that he wasn’t at home. The telephone granted him as a condition of his release remained in his house, and the prison was unable to reach him after that.

He was arrested the following evening in northern Finland.