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Stockholm club and concert guide: June 26 – 29

Stockholm club and concert tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Evening of clichés

24:hours continues to create super-trendy super-parties with a foreign touch for for the Stockholm crowd. This evening the focus is on the I’m A Cliché label. Vive La Fête!

Cartoon pop

Kartago and the Hjälp club host a launch party for the new Kartago magazine. At Imperiet. Music, beer and cartoons. Who could ask for more?

Kinky queens

Darlinks! Leonora and her queens gear up for Pride with a big summer party at Camarillo on Friday. Get dressed up and get down with the most fabulous gang in town.

Mosquitoes and dancing

Thomas Gylling is a soca master, the godfather of swing, and has the best taste in dance music. This Saturday he’s bringing his entire Mosquito Crew to Kungsträdgården for a sort of June carnival.

Suburban technology

Suggestive electronic pop with lyrics about exclusion and technophobia. Hugo Ball has his own sound, inspired by German synth, krautrock and techno traditions. This Saturday he’s celebrating the release of his first video.

Chaos techno

Kommitén’s rock hard techno ladies, together with Don and Nicety, will be occupying Trädgården this Saturday. This has all the ingredients for a fantastic evening.

Pop classics

Three way! Stephin Merritt and his band are back in town. If you’ve ever calledyourself indie you’ll be spending this Sunday evening at Cirkus.