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Stockholm art gallery guide: June 27 – July 3

Stockholm art gallery and exhibition tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information).

Queer art

The National Museum’s theme this summer is: Queer. Taking a new perspective on its collection, the museum looks at desire, power, identity and sexuality. We see Karl XII wearing a dress and walking hand in hand with his sister, delicate nymphs and lithe athletes.

Under the surface

Ulf Rollof takes visitors on a journey into murky waters with his exhibition Under at Millesgården. Large constructions made up of part of skeletons, a gigantic slide and a short film featuring Michael Nykvist and a three-metre squid. It’s all about place, technology and a terrifying escape from reality. There is something enticingly fairy tale-like about the whole thing.

Visitor power

Moderna Museet celebrates its jubilee year with the opening of a quite ingenious event. Pontus Hultén‘s Viewing Machine leaves it up to the visitor to decide what pictures to look at on a two-storey screen.

Amber orgy

The handicraft whizzes at Konsthantverkarna usher in the summer with a Russian-Swedish collection put together by Åsa Lockner and Anna Livén West. Amber And What To Do With It presents a new generation of work with the material, including fascinating photos by Oleg Lystov taken with an amber lens.

Pencil and cardboard

Jockum Nordström is back with a new series of small, cleverly titled pencil sketches and larger collages at Galleri Magnus Karlsson. Sweden’s international art star also presents three dimensional works in the form of complex-like cardboard buildings.