Drunken Swede attempts to row home from Denmark

When the 78-year-old Swede was set to board a ferry from Danish Helsingör to Helsingborg on Sweden’s west coast, he opened his wallet to discover he’d spent all his money at the bar.

Drunken Swede attempts to row home from Denmark

Determined to make it home, the near octogenarian then stole a rowboat and set course for Sweden, which sits across the four kilometre wide straight separating Denmark from its Scandinavian neighbour.

After a short while, the drunken man grew weary and passed out in the bottom of his boat, hoping that the currents would carry him safely to Swedish shores.

He was later discovered by the Danish coast guard, which had been alerted about what was thought to be an abandoned dinghy adrift in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

The coast guard towed the Swede back to Denmark, and when the old rower sobered up, he was put on the next ferry home, writes the Danish news service Ritzau.