‘I thought they were going to shoot us in the neck’

Swedish aid worker Ulf Flink has spoken out about his kidnapping at the hands of Islamist militants in Somalia.

Flink, 28, was captured together with a Danish colleague on Saturday after Islamist fighters seized control of the town in Somalia where the men were working.

“First they threatened to take our lives, screaming ‘we will kill you, we will kill you’, then they said they were going to release us,” Flink told Expressen.

The two UNDP mine action workers were let go following UN-led negotiations with the militants. They were later flown to Nairobi in neighbouring Kenya. Both men are employees of the Swedish Rescue Services Agency (Räddningsverket).

Flink told Expressen on Sunday that he feared for his life during his nine hours in captivity.

“Every time the car stopped I thought they were going to shoot us in the neck and dump our bodies,” he said.