Klüft: ‘Ban dopers from Olympics for life’

Klüft: 'Ban dopers from Olympics for life'
Olympic heptathlon champion Carolina Klüft of Sweden said on Monday British sprinter Dwain Chambers and other such drug cheats should not be allowed to compete in Olympic Games.

Former European 100 metre champion Chambers, whose two-year ban expired in 2005, on Saturday clocked 10.06 seconds over 100 metres at a meeting in Germany, well inside the British Olympic team’s qualifying mark.

His legal advisors are expecting to serve proceedings against the British Olympic Association (BOA) which are expected to be heard in the High Court before the UK trials begin in Birmingham on July 11th.

Klüft, who is competing in the long jump at the Bank of Scotland Celtic Cup in Grangemouth on Tuesday, believes a lifetime Olympic ban should be implemented.

“If you have proof that someone on purpose has cheated and did it – why not,” said Klüft.

“I know I’m clean and I’m focused on my competitions. I don’t read about Dwain Chambers because it’s his problem and just sad that he cheated.”

Klüft added: “Maybe there should be a good punishment that you cannot be part of the Olympic Games again, because sometimes it feels like two years is not enough.

“People cheat, they come back and they win again, so it’s not fair for the ones that are clean and train hard and believe in a clean sport.”