Eight trapped in mine blaze

Eight people have become trapped in a mine in Malmberget in northern Sweden after a vehicle caught fire a kilometre below ground level at 4pm on Thursday.

At 7pm the group was still awaiting assistance in a rescue chamber 1,250 metres below the surface, mining company LKAB told the TT news agency.

“A car caught fire 1,070 metres down,” said LKAB spokesperson Kajsa Lindmark.

LKAB said the driver of the vehicle was able to leave the scene of the accident unharmed and return to safety.

According to LKAB, there were around 50 people in the iron ore mine when the fire broke out, most of whom had managed to leave the mine.

“Rescue services are in place and are trying to put out the fire,” said Kajsa Lindmark.

The eight people stuck in the rescue chamber had been in contact with LKAB and were waiting for the smoke to abate.

“We have no reports of any injuries. But a fire in a mine is always very serious,” said Lindmark.