Drunk in charge of a lawnmower

Two men were arrested for being drunk in charge of their lawnmowers in Svenljunga in western Sweden on Friday night.

The two men had been drinking at home when they elected to go to their local pub for a night cap. In their wisdom the men, both in their forties, sensibly decided to leave their cars parked at home and jumped on their motorized lawnmowers for the ride into town.

A witness called the police at 11pm to report that two middle-aged men had been spotted driving erratically on their lawnmowers on a cycle path by road 154, local newspaper Borås Tidning reported.

“They said that they thought that they were allowed to do so, but of course it is not allowed,” said Lennart Stenquist of Borås police.

The two drivers were found to be way over the limit for what is classified as aggravated drink driving with a blood alcohol content reading in excess of 1.18 per thousand.

Despite their professed ignorance of drink driving regulations the men had their driving licences revoked. Their cars will therefore have to remain at home even when the pair have sobered up.