Poll: Opposition extends its lead

The three opposition parties have extended their lead over the Alliance government, a new voter survey shows.

The Social Democrats, Left party and Green party gained a total of 56.2 percent against the four-party Alliance government’s 39.2 percent in a new poll by Demoskop, published in Expressen.

The four-party Alliance has lost support among younger voters although has made gains among older voters.

Mona Sahlin’s Social Democrats polled 43.5 percent, down 0.9 percentage points in comparison with the previous Demoskop poll. Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderate party gained 2.4 points and claimed the support of 24.2 percent of those polled.

The Green party became the third largest party with a climb of 0.1 points to 6.9 percent. The Liberal (Folk) party dropped 1.4 points to 6.3 percent, the Left party climbed 1.2 points to 5.8 percent, the Centre party dropped 0.9 points to 5.4 percent and the Christian Democrats polled 3.1 percent, down 1.4 points on the previous poll.

The far-right Sweden Democrats increased their share of the vote by 0.1 points to 2.6 percent while other parties accumulated 1.9 percent, up 0.6 points.