Pensioners concerned by rising food prices

Sweden's pensioners have noticed a marked increase in the price of food over the last year, a new study has shown.

Grain and dairy products in particular have become more expensive, according to an annual food price survey carried out by the Swedish National Pensioners’ Organization (Pensionärernas riksorganisations – PRO).

A bag of whole wheat flour costs an average of 37 percent more than it did last year; a pack of the popular ‘herrgårds’ cheese is up 24 percent, while Bregott butter has become 28 percent more expensive, Sveriges Radio reports.

Rosa-Li Eriksson, 61, is one of those to have noticed a change.

“You can see it in the food kitty; it’s enough to bring you close to tears at times. I feel sorry for people with big families,” she told Sveriges Radio.

The study is compiled using information received from thousands of pensioners around the country, who each fill a shopping trolley with 30 typical products.

In all, the study shows that grocery prices have gone up by an average of 5.8 percent around the country. The blow has been diluted somewhat by a drop in the price of laundry detergent and washing up liquid.

According to the study, Älvsborg is the best place to go for a good deal, while Ångermanland has the highest prices.

Of the country’s medium-sized supermarkets Willys has the best prices, whereas Hemköp weighs heaviest on the wallet.