Swedes feel the need for speed

Swedes may take a hard line on drink driving, but when it comes to speeding, most admit to breaking the law at least occasionally, according to a new survey. A majority also say they drive their Volvos and Saabs too close to the car in front and sometimes drive through amber lights.

Seven out of ten Swedes questioned in a poll for insurance company Folksam say that they sometimes speed.

“There seems to be a certain social acceptance for speeding,” said Anders Kullgren, motoring researcher for Folksam.

“There does not seem to be a corresponding acceptance for risky overtaking or drinking and driving,” he added.

Some 86 percent of Swedish drivers admit to breaking traffic law in some way, according to the poll undertaken by the Sifo polling company.

“We are not exactly surprised, but you could certainly take the view that this is a lot of people who are breaking the rules,” Kullgren said.

The poll shows that women are more likely than men to follow traffic laws. Older drivers are also more law-abiding, with 24 percent of drivers over 60 saying that they always follow traffic rules. In the 18-30 age group this figure is just 10 percent.

Very few of the 4,397 people who responded to the survey admitted to drinking and driving. Less than one in a thousand of those asked said they had driven a car after drinking the equivalent of two or more beers.