Knife murder linked to mobile phone row

Knife murder linked to mobile phone row
A young man was stabbed to death in Gothenburg on Thursday night. Three men -- a father and his two sons -- have been arrested in connection with the attack, which took place on Marklandsgatan in the city's Högsbo district.

There were a large number of witnesses to the incident and three men were arrested on suspicion of murder in the early hours of Friday morning.

Police investigator Gerd Brantlid indicated that the three suspects — a 45-year-old man and his two sons (16, 19) — met with the victim to sort out a business deal involving a mobile phone.

“The row started over a mobile phone. It was no coincidence that they met on Marklandsgatan,” she said police.

The victim was stabbed on the street beside the busy Marklandsgatan tram stop shortly after 9pm.

Witnesses also reported that a shot was fired in connection with the attack.

“It’s not yet certain whether a shot was fired but we have retrieved a firearm and a knife from the scene,” said police spokesperson Sofia Spjut.

Several police units were sent to the scene of the crime, including a heavily armed riot squad.

Forty minutes after the alarm was sounded, riot police entered a nearby house after witnesses saw at least one person take refuge there.

Two men were arrested near the crime scene, police told news agency TT.

“We have a total of three people suspected of involvement. We also have eight people who are to be questioned as witnesses,” said spokesperson Anders Oxelbrand.