New talks to halt bus strike

Representatives of bus companies are to meet bus driver union Kommunal on Monday to try to resolve a bus strike that has hit commuters and tourists in many parts of Sweden over the past week.

The union and employers have so far failed to agree on a new employment contract for bus drivers, despite weeks of talks.

Commenting on the new negotiations, Peter Jeppson, CEO of bus industry employer organization Bussarbetsgivarna said there was so far no new offer on the table.

”Nobody has presented a new bid nor anything, but we have spoken with each other and decided to meet to try to find a solution,” he said.

If the parties do not reach a deal, the strike will be extended at midnight on Monday to a number of bus companies in Skåne. According to regional transport company Länstrafiken i Skåne, this would mean the cancellation of around 90 percent of regional bus services in the province.