No use crying over school milk

Sweden has a real thirst for European Union subsidies paid for school milk, which each year amount to 70 million kronor. But this amount could be reduced, since compensation will no longer be provided for dairy products used by school cafeterias in warm food .

It isn’t easy for the Board of Agriculture to explain the twists and turns of the new guidelines. Schools can receive the EU subsidy for cold parmesean cheese sprinkled on a dish of spaghetti, the Board says, but cheese or milk used in warm lasagna in a school kitchen would apparently not qualify.

“We can’t explain it,” says Siri Alvebyr, responsible for food subsidies at the Swedish agricultural agency.

Sweden was not keen for Brussels to change the menu for dairy subsidies, but the European Commission says that the United Kingdom and Luxembourg were the only countries which voted against the new regulations. (TT)