Socialist school planned for Borås

The Social Democrat youth organization (SSU) is planning to open a new independent school in Borås. SSU intends to test the independent schools system.

SSU branch in Södra Älvsborg in western Sweden plans to submit its application on Thursday to the Board of Education (Skolverket).

“We think that if you can start an independent school with a religious profile then you should also be able to start a school with an ideological one,” said Anders Östberg of SSU Södra Älvsborg.

SSU applied four years ago to open an independent school in Stockholm, but had their application rejected by the board.

“That time it was maybe more of a ploy. This time we have submitted a serious application with an ideological profile emphasizing the equality of all individuals, security and togetherness.”

One of the reasons given by the board for rejecting SSU’s previous application was that the plan for their school lacked religious education.

“We plan to have a special type of religious education. Even Karl Marx was interested in religion. But instead of quoting from the bible we will quote from the party program.”