Many Swedes believe in reincarnation

Every third Swede believes in reincarnation and every fifth believes that the movements of the stars dictate our lives, a new survey shows.

Even many Christians have started to believe in the more new-age spiritual beliefs, according to the survey of 900 randomly selected Swedes.

“This is somewhat surprising, this I would not have believed,” said religious sociologist Liselotte Frisk to Christian newspaper Dagen which commissioned the survey.

Liselotte Frisk explained the development as part of the process of globalization.

“The changes we are seeing often come from the outside,” she said.

60 percent of those who responded to the survey agreed with the assertion that all religions had a degree of truth to them, even many of those describing themselves as Christians. An equal number responded that they believed that God was more likely to be within an individual than an outside force.

Women are more positively inclined to new-age religious beliefs than men. Every other woman believes, for example, that it is possible to make contact with the dead whereas only every fifth man does so.

1171 randomly selected Swedes were asked for their views on new age beliefs. 923 people responded to the survey which was commissioned by Dagen from Easyresearch.