Poll: Government falls further behind

The Alliance government has fallen further behind the three-party opposition, a new voter survey shows.

The right-wing Sweden Democrats increased strongly and polled 4 percent, sufficient to claims seats in the parliament at a general election.

The Social Democrats, Left party and Green party gained a total of 51.7 percent while the four-party Alliance government dropped 2.8 percentage points to 42.9 percent in a new voter survey by Skop.

Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderate party fell 3.2 points to 23 percent in comparison with Skop’s May poll. Mona Sahlin’s Social Democrats gained 2.1 points to 38.9 percent.

The Liberal party (Folkpartiet) remained unchanged at 7.5 percent, as did the Green party at 7.2 percent. The Centre party gained 0.4 points to 6.9 percent, the Left party dropped 1.2 points to 5.6 percent and the Christian Democrats remained unchanged at 5.5 percent.

The far-right Sweden Democrats gained 1.5 percentage points to poll 4 percent.

Skop interviewed 1,100 people between June 16th and July 12th 2008.