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Gothenburg club and concert tips: July 18 – 19

Where to go out in Gothenburg this weekend? Monthly has the answers (Click links for more information).


The independent record label Adore music will take over Kontiki during the summer on a few selected club nights. The music is punk, rock, pop and on each night you’ll get a free, limited edition 7″ vinyl. The record will include tracks from each band performing that night. Playing live this Friday are: Don Darlings and Kusowsky.

Superdiskant & Tähiti – A techno party

Get ready for a techno extravaganza at Pusterviksbaren this Friday. The two clubs Superdiskant and Tähiti will be throwing a joint party with glow sticks as the only dress code. Prepare for the best of the best in electronic music, neon lights and a packed dance floor.

Hoffmaestro and Chraa

This is pure party music. Everything from New Orleans funk, to dancehall, to ska, to soul, to techno and what the band themselves like to call “karate boogie”. Hoffmaestro and Chraa are known for their great energy on stage and for their versatile sound. Their influences include bands such as Funkadelic, Beastie Boys, Manu Chao and Guns’ n Roses to name a few. So expect an act out of the ordinary!

An evening with Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston is something of a living indie/grunge legend. The Texas born Johnston has been making music since the 80’s when he became famous for his cassette tapes with naive, childlike music, which sounded like nothing else. On Saturday, he and some friends will be bringing out joy and tears at Stickyfingers.

Woody West – Daniel Johnston After Party

What could be a better place to have the after party for Daniel Johnston and friends than at the honky-tonk, country and rock club Woody West. The music will be indie influenced, spiced with the regular country and Americana beats of Woody west. The Gothenburg band Rambling Nicholas Heron will be playing live.