World Footballgolf Championship kicks off in Uppsala

World Footballgolf Championship kicks off in Uppsala
The World Championship in Footballgolf will kick off in Uppsala on July 17th. Swedish football legend Kurt "Kurre" Hamrin will inaugurate the tournament.

This will be the second World Championship in the history of the little-known sport of Footballgolf. The first Footballgolf World Championship was held in Dirmstein, Germany in 2007.

The first tournament was won by the German player Alex Kober who will be in Uppsala to defend his title. Kober expects a tough challenge in Sweden, recognized as the home of the fledgling sport.

“It will be much harder to come in the top positions, after all we are going to the motherland of Footballgolf. The favourites are certainly the local ‘matadors’, which know their course inside out. The German players want to compete at the top and I don’t want to leave the cup in Uppsala without a fight,” Kober said in an interview with

Uppsala, a city located just north of Sweden’s capital, is more commonly known as a seat of learning with one of Sweden’s most prestigious universities, founded in 1477. But from July 17th-20th it will host male and female players from several different countries competing for the respective titles of world champion.

The tournament will be opened on July 17th by the Swedish (Association) football legend Kurt “Kurre” Hamrin. Hamrin was one of Sweden’s best football players in the 1950s and 1960s. He starred for Sweden in the World Cup final in 1958 and is best remembered for scoring a spectacular goal in the semi-finals where he single-handedly dribbled through the West German defence – a classic among Swedish football goals.

Footballgolf is a sport based on the rules of golf. It is a sport where individual players strike a football into a hole using their feet. The player with the lowest score over the 18 hole course is declared the winner.