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Stockholm club and concert guide: July 17 – 20

Stockholm club and concert tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)


Darwin and Backwall carry on, indefatigable. The always innovative and talented guys behind Solidaritets beloved Thursdays offer the best music at 128 bpm. 4-ever.

Big Fat Joe

Big Fat Joe is everything a resident can be. Your perfect companion to the drinks at Vampire Lounge. Rockabillly in its best form, at Söder’s vampire club.

Coco on the ball

Cocotaxi is hype, hype booty bass and Baltimore-bounce. They are baile funk and beats with a lot of bass. They aren’t from Stockholm, but the city’s latest club hope. Listen and show your appreciation.

Trendy porn

Untz. Wow! Eros Video is sometimes hard to define. But it’s always fun, loud, and at Fredsgatan they’ve taken their club concept to a new level. You too can also try a little eros.

Daniel is here

The bipolar American songwriter Daniel Johnston plays a stubborn type of alternative folk rock. Now he’s coming to Berns to share his fantastic live songs with Stockholm.

Electronic soul

Johan Cederberg and Viktor Holmberg are Montuak. Beautiful, electronic pop which echoes Bell & Sebastion as well as Chet Baker. Tranquil and soulful in the south at Söder’s best concert venue.

Russian rap

Jeansbjörn and Yxa are right to call themselves veterans of the Stockholm club scene. Baltimore, rap, R&B, and tonnes – yes tonnes – of Little Wayne-bangers when they take over the glass room at Trädgården.