Power outage halts main Swedish rail line

Trains operating on the main train route from Stockholm-Malmö were held up on Thursday due to damage to an overhead power line near Linköping. The disruption is expected to continue until 8pm.

Power outage halts main Swedish rail line

From 10am on Thursday all southbound trains had to turn around in Norrköping while all northbound could only get as far as Linköping. Passengers were shuffled between the two cities in central Sweden by bus. State-owned rail operator SJ had difficulty finding enough buses to cope with demand leading to further inconvenience and delays for many rail passengers.

“We should have changed train in Alvesta, but now we don’t know what will happen,” said Robert Nyqvist, stranded at Norrköping station, to local newspaper NT.

Delays on the Stockholm-Malmö route averaged around three hours.

Three high-speed X 2000 trains in each direction were initially affected by the power outage caused when an overhead power line was torn down just north of Linköping central station.

Several commuter services operated by Östgötatrafiken were also affected and trains between Linköping-Vikingstad were cancelled.

The National Rail Administration (Banverket) said on Thursday morning that it was hopeful that normal traffic would be resumed by 4pm. The Administration later announced that it expected the disruption to persist until 8pm.