MAX hamburgers vs. McDonald´s at football championship

MAX hamburgers vs. McDonald´s at football championship
Swedish fast food restaurant chain MAX has decided to let a people´s vote decide whether they bow into pressure from Uefa and McDonald´s to close during the under 21s European Championships in Borås next year.

Football body Uefa, whose main sponsor is McDonald´s, is threatening to take away the championships from the south-western Swedish town unless Max close its restaurant at the Borås arena during match days.

Uefa are also demanding that Max cover up their restaurant´s signs so that the Swedish chain minimise their presence.

Max restaurant representatives discussed the matter with Borås council and offered to close the restaurant three hours before, during and one hour after matches and instead have two mobile kitchens stationed a little bit away from the arena.

However, Uefa has declined this offer and is demanding that Max close completely on match days, with no mobile kitchens.

As a last resort, Max restaurant has decided that local newspaper GT´s readers should decide the outcome by voting on the paper´s homepage. Richard Bergfors, managing director of Max, told Swedish Radio that people may go onto the homepage and either vote that Max bow to Uefa´s demands and close, or that Max stay open, with the risk that the championships move to another town.

McDonald´s is Uefa´s main sponsor and demanded that Max close on the days that matches take place in Borås. According to Bergfors, there has been talk that if Max don´t concede to demands, then the games may move to Råsunda. The question is how this will be handled as Max has restaurants just a few 100 meters from Råsunda.

Max restaurant claim that closing down during these times would mean a loss of over half a million kronor (83,915 dollars).