Five men arrested for weapons robbery and assault

Five men arrested for weapons robbery and assault
The five men who were arrested in Gothenburg Friday evening for the attempted murder and robbery of a west coast weapons dealer, were detained in custody on Saturday.

The men are between 21 and 26 years old and were arrested on Friday night in Gothenburg, on the Swedish west coast. Four of the men were arrested out on the town and one was arrested in an apartment.

Four of the suspects are being held in custody for attempted murder, grievous robbery and assault. The fifth man is being charged with acting as an accessory to grievous robbery.

According to Västra Götaland police, the men are known from before but police could not clarify for TT exactly what the men have been involved in. Four of the men are not Swedish residents, although the fifth man lives in Gothenburg.

The victim and his wife are in their seventies and were both seriously injured during the robbery which took place in their villa in Trollhättan on the west coast of Sweden. The couple’s condition is highly critical right now. As of Saturday they were still being kept under anesthesia.

A third person who was in the old couple’s home at the time of the robbery is being questioned by police for his version of events, but police cannot reveal any further information at this point.