Mother faces Engla’s killer in court

The mother of murdered 10-year-old Engla Juncosa Höglund came face to face with her daughter's killer, Anders Eklund, as the trial entered its second day.

Mother faces Engla's killer in court

The trial of Anders Eklund, who has admitted to the rape and murder of 10-year-old Engla Juncosa Höglund and 31-year-old Pernilla Hellgren, continued in Stockholm district court on Tuesday.

Engla’s mother, Carina Höglund, burst into tears when the trial was resumed. She looked directly at Anders Eklund who sat leaning forward with his arms crossed and glance at the papers in front of him. His face showed no emotion.

The second day of the trial concerns the murder of 10-year-old Engla Juncosa Höglund in Stjärnsund on April 5th 2008. Eklund is charged with murder and the aggravated rape of a child.

“Anders Eklund confesses to the charges presented by the prosecutor,” said Eklund’s counsel Leif Silbersky as the trial opened on Tuesday.

The prosecutor spent Tuesday morning relating the events of the day of the murder.

Engla had been due to cycle home from football training in Stjärnsund on April 5th. She never arrived home. Carina and Engla had agreed to keep telephone contact to check that her journey was going well. The last time they spoke was at 2.09pm. When Carina tried to reach her daughter at 2.42pm, Engla did not answer her mobile phone.

Carina then went out to search for her daughter and found her bicycle discarded in the woods. She then called the police at 4.30pm who launched a comprehensive search of the area around the small town of Stjärnsund in Dalarna.

Both Engla on her bike and Anders Eklund’s car were photographed by chance by a witness. The prosecutor is interested in the time lapse between these two pictures being taken.

The hearing continued on Tuesday behind close doors in the security room of Stockholm district court.

Court hearings on Monday concerned the rape and murder of 31-year-old Pernilla Hellgren in Falun in 2000. Eklund had previously admitted to the murder, on Monday he also admitted to having raped her first.

“There is no logic. There is a kind Anders and an evil Anders,” Eklund said.

The trial of Anders Eklund will be concluded on Thursday.