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Stockholm art gallery guide: July 25 – 30

Stockholm art gallery and exhibition tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

The dark ages

Moderna Museet (the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art) second major centenary year exhibition is entitled Eklips – Konst i en mörk tid (Art in a Dark Age). The focus is on art that draws inspiration from the irrational and unknown and is an expression of the sign of our times in the 2000s. Artists: Nathalie Djuberg, Paul McCarthy, Michaël Borremans and Dana Schutz.

Forty years of revolution

Färgfabriken’s major summer exhibition 6808 centres around Stockholm and a world in change. Aside from works and installations from almost 30 artists the exhibition is also a conference about commonalities between society and art. It is about youth, structures of thought and the will to develop.

Concept king

Moderna Museet (the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art) exhibition series Den 1:a på Moderna (The First at the Modern) has been underway since 2004 and invited in a unbelievable group of contemporary art. Now it’s time for the last exhibit and the artist is the American concept king Joseph Kosuth, who has produced a new installation specifically for Moderna Musseet.

Tema Queer

The National Museum’s theme this summer is queer. With a new perspective on its collection, the museum is showing an exhibit on desire, power, identity, and sexuality. It features Karl XII wearing a dress and holding hands with his sister, nymphs, and well-defined athletes.

Dark future dystopia

The big discussion from last year’s Venice Biennale can be seen at Kulturhuset’s Gallery 3. Last Riot, a work by a group of Russian artists, is a three-part video projection which portrays a dark future dystopia filled with expressionless youth.