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Gothenburg club and concert tips: July 25 – 26

Looking to go out in Gothenburg this weekend? Monthly Magazine has the answers (Click links for more information).

Kent and Joakim Thåström

Two of Sweden’s most celebrated artists will perform at an open-air concert at Slottskogssvallen on Friday. Listeners will be treated to both old and new material, leaving no fan disappointed. Kent is probably one of the most popular rock groups in Sweden. Thåström is known chiefly for the seminal Swedish punk rock band Ebba Grön. But he has also received critical praise for his solo records. We’re very excited about the possibility of hearing some fresh material from the punk and rock legend, who is currently working on a new album.

Iron Maiden

The English heavy metal band will rock the ground at the Ullevi Arena this weekend. Iron Maiden is one of the most successful and influential heavy metal bands ever, having sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Of course, Gothenburg club life is dedicated to Maiden this weekend. On Friday, Trädgårn starts with an Iron Maiden Kick-off. On stage will be none other than Paul DiAnno (Maidens original singer)! Sticky Fingers will be throwing a pre-party with rock karaoke! Saturday is the big day. The party starts at Trädgårn 11.30, so be sure to set the alarm! Sticky Fingers is the place to head for the after-party. RAM will be playing live on stage.

Bam-bam- DJ Spin Doctor

The downtown party boat is always a safe bet on a summer night. Tonight is no different with very special guest, DJ Spin Doctor from North London. DJ Spin Doctor spins everything from hip hop, R n’ B, bashment to soul. He once described a perfect DJ session as being like the art of cooking a meal. You’ve got to start with the right ingredients, keep an eye on what’s on the stove, mix in the right amount of flavours and make sure it is hot when it hits the plate. Sure, it may be edible but it won’t necessarily be enjoyable. Ok you get the point; we have been starving for a DJ like Spin Doctor to come to town.

Baby Scratch

This is the Deal Real, a Saturday night open mic session, a phenomenon that reveals the infectious essence of Hip Hop where anything is possible. It’s not just the open mic sessions that pack the small club/restaurant in Änggården at night, it’s also the down-home feel of it. Understand what Hip Hop is all about, meet people, connect, and feel the vibe!

DJ Cubanito

Latin-promoter Edmundo is entering the Avenue. This night will be something out of the ordinary. All the way from Miami…Dj Cubanito. One of the world’s top latin DJs and producers. You will hear the hottest hits from the worlds of bachata, salsa, Latin house and reggaetón. A glittering Latin party that nobody should miss!