Stockholm hit by wave of cash transport heists

Stockholm hit by wave of cash transport heists
Stockholm was hit by multiple cash transport robberies on Thursday. Armed moped robbers hit transports in the suburban neighbourhoods of Nacka and Älvsjö.

Two men aged between 20-25-years-old and armed with what appeared to be pistols robbed a cash transport in Tippen shopping centre in Nacka in the east of Stockholm at around 1pm on Thursday.

“One of the guards got punched in the face but no one was otherwise hurt,” said Mikael Gustafsson with Stockholm police.

The robbers escaped on their mopeds and police took up the chase on Thursday afternoon employing a helicopter and several patrols. It was unclear how much the robbers had managed to steal.

Meanwhile on the other side of the city, in Älvsjö, two armed men robbed a cash transport.

“No one was hurt physically and the robbers escaped on a two wheel vehicle heading towards Stuvsta. It is unknown how much they escaped with,” said Towe Hägg at Stockholm police.