Looming Lufthansa strike threatens Swedes’ holidays

Lufthansa airlines’ strike is due to start at midnight on Sunday and threatens to paralyze thousands of Swedish holiday plans.

Looming Lufthansa strike threatens Swedes’ holidays

The strike by an unknown number of ground and air cabin employees is to go ahead if negotiations between Lufthansa and staff’s union Verdi cannot resolve the matter.

Lufthansa spokesperson Claudia Lange told TT news services that there will be a strike, as they have been informed by the union.

“We don’t know what effect the strike will have on our flights. We will only be able to comment on that on Monday when the strike will have started”, Lange said.

However, key airports Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf are amongst the eleven airports that threatened to participate in the strike, and these airports have several flights to and from Sweden.

“When the strike breaks out, we will inform our passengers. You can also check out your flight number on our home page”, Lange explained.

The strike is about wages. The union has demanded a wage increase of 9.8 percent per year, but Lufthansa only wants to raise wages by 6.7 percent over a 21 month period.

Last year Lufthansa made a profit of around 2.15 billion dollars.