Government proposes animal offenders list

A new register of all those forbidden from keeping animals has been presented in a new proposal from the Ministry of Agriculture, Riksdag & Department reports.

Government proposes animal offenders list

The number of people banned from keeping animals has doubled from 80 in 2004 to 163 in 2007, the newspaper reports.

The Ministry of Agriculture has therefore proposed a new central register which will include personal identification details, address information and an explanation of why the listed individuals are unsuitable to keep animals.

The register will also detail any offences committed against animal welfare legislation.

Personal details are currently registered only with local authorities and banned individuals are therefore free to move to another county and start again with a clean slate.

There have been instances where individuals have been able to apply and receive farm subsidies despite explicit requirements for animal protection.

According to the proposal, private people as well as county councils and municipalities will be able to access the register.

The register will be a tool for employers seeking to employ someone to work with animals and those in the pet shop business or otherwise deal in the buying and selling of animals.

The animal welfare offenders register will be in place by July 1st 2009.

Animal bans can be issued to people guilty of neglecting animals or convicted of cruelty to animals.

Those that do not follow the decisions of a public authority can also be banned from maintaining animals.