Pair held for using scissors to remove man’s tattoos

Pair held for using scissors to remove man's tattoos
Two men were arrested on Monday in Kalmar in southern Sweden on suspicions of assault for using a pair of scissors to cut away another man’s tattoos.

The incident is alleged to have taken place last weekend and involved two young men who for some reason decided to forcefully remove several tattoos from a third man, reports the Oskarshamns Tidningen

The men used the scissors to cut away the tattoos, removing chunks of skin in the process.

According to police, several tattoos were taken off completely, while others were partially removed.

Police remain uncertain as to the relationship between the two men and the victim, and are still searching for a motive in the case.

“We have no motive, no exact crime location or time,” said police spokesperson Sven-Erik Karlsson told Oskarshamns Tidningen.

“The two who have been arrested aren’t exactly talking themselves to death, so to speak.”

Injuries to the man with the missing tattoos were not life threatening, and he was able to leave the hospital after being bandaged up by doctors, said Karlsson.

He was reportedly heavily intoxicated at the time of the attack, and has been unwilling to cooperate with police in their investigation.

The two men being held were apprehended following tips from witnesses and police surveillance work.

They are being held on suspicions of aggravated assault.