Campsite brawl spills over to nearby highway

What started as a scuffle at a Helsingborg-area campground in southern Sweden Tuesday night ended with multiple car wrecks and six people sent to hospital.

Police were first called to the camping area in Stenbrogården in southern Helsingborg shortly after midnight to break up a fight, reports the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

A short time later, the disagreement flared up once again and police returned to the scene to find one person who had been beaten and sprayed with teargas.

Remaining witnesses explained that the perpetrators had fled the scene in three cars.

Soon thereafter police found the three cars wrecked a short distance from one another on a nearby road. One vehicle was empty, while the remaining two contained six trapped and injured victims.

According to police, those who had been in the empty vehicle had commandeered a passing vehicle by threatening the driver with a baseball bat.

Police are searching for the stolen car and are still trying to piece together how the accident took place.