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Stockholm art gallery guide: July 31 – August 6

Stockholm art gallery and exhibition tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Carnival views

Reuben Sallmander is an actor, gallery owner, and artists. Now his personal perspective of the Pride Parade is being presented at Gallery Operatingplace in a photography exhibit entitled “A Point of You”. It’s about love and its expression, glamour, and pride.

Fashion and the muse

The gallery at Urban Outfitters now features the exhibit Dear Nike. Photographer Martin Vallin examines the relation between photography and the muse in a project where he spent eight months working with the model Nike Felldin. The entire project has developed into a mutual game, taking as much inspiration from 80s punk as from Frank Stella.

Beneath the surface

Ulf Rollof takes visitors on a journey into murky waters with his exhibition Under at Millesgården. Large constructions made up of part of skeletons, a gigantic slide and a short film featuring Michael Nykvist and a three-metre squid. It’s all about place, technology and a terrifying escape from reality. There is something enticingly fairy tale-like about the whole thing.

Russian portraits

State of Mind is a photo- and video-based artwork which has its start in Russian LGBT-culture. By returning to St. Petersburg several times, Annica Karlsson Rixon and Anna Viola Hallberg have portrayed 38 people and their lives between ethics and the law. The K1 gallery at Kulturehuset shows a video installation on seven screens where people from St. Petersburg, most of them lesbians, talk personally and politically about their everyday lives in the city.

Spit in the soup

Erwin Wurm’s work “Instructions on How to Be Politically Incorrect” consists of instructions for, just as the title suggests, behave politically incorrect. The work is included in the exhibition “Spit In Someone’s Soup” which is being shown at that Marabou Park annex in collaboration with Swedish Travelling Exhibitions (Riksutställningar). It’s a generous presentation of the Austrian concept artist Wurm.