German suspect ‘tried to kill herself’

Torgny Hellgren, the boyfriend of Emma Jangestig, mother of the murdered toddlers in the Arboga child killings case, gave testimony on the third of the trial of his ex-lover, 32-year-old German Christine Schürrer.

German suspect 'tried to kill herself'

Hellgren and Christine Schürrer met in 2006 on the Greek island of Crete.

“We had a passionate affair that lasted 4-5 days. We were good together,” Hellgren told the court.

In the autumn of 2006 Christine Schürrer paid a visit to Arboga. Hellgren told the court that he wanted to see if the relationship was worth continuing.

But when Schürrer arrived he said it felt “odd” that she was there. Daily life for the couple did not have the same holiday romance feeling.

Hellgren decided in the end to send a text message to Schürrer explaining that their relationship was over and that he did not want to see her again.

Schürrer proceeded to make a series of telephone calls and send letters in which she accused Hellgren of being the cause of her various problems.

She would not accept that their relationship was over.

Schürrer then tried to commit suicide during a visit to Sweden.

Hellgren interpreted the suicide attempt as an effort to try to gain his attention. He cared for Schürrer for a couple of days after and then took her to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, where he bade farewell.

Earlier on Friday, the court heard testimony from the father of the murdered children.

Niklas Jangestig told the court of the “indescribable” feeling of first being told that his children had died and then that he was accused of the murder.

Jangestig had originally been a suspect in the case. He was arrested, interrogated a later released soon after the March 17th murders.

“My children weren’t murdered. They were butchered like animals,” Jangestig said when he reflected on the time spent with his dead children in the morgue.

“I have never felt so bad in all my life,” he said to Västmanland District Court.

The trial of Christine Schürrer will resume again on Monday.