Heavy rainfall ahead

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) has issued a class 1 warning for heavy rainfall on Monday. The counties of Norrland and Uppland in northern Sweden are to be most affected.

SMHI expect even more rainfall in southern regions such as Skåne and Götaland, where up to 50 mm of rain may pour. However, the heavy rainfall is unlikely to affect the public much, according to SMHI meteorologist Lisa Frost.

“What could happen is that large amounts of water collect and cellars flood.”

Sunday’s affected areas include mountainous areas in northern Sweden, as well as the central region of Uppsala, where rainfall between 35-40 mm is expected.

Speaking to TT, Lisa Frost explained that it isn’t uncommon to have such heavy rain. “It happens a few times a year. 80-100 mm per day is more extreme.”

According to Frost, the summer has been pretty average from a weather point of view, with sun in the mornings and showers later in the day.