Care givers locked woman in her home for four years

Personal care assistants kept a Swedish woman with mental disabilities locked in her apartment for four years.

The health workers kept the woman in her home by using a strong, seven-bolt lock to which only they had the key.

Now the social services committee in Heby municipality has received sharp criticism from the Uppsala country administrative board, according to TV4 news in Uppland.

The actions violate both Sweden’s law protecting people with functional disabilities (LSS-lagen) and fundamental freedom and rights, according to the board.

Besides being forced to depend on her personal care assistants, the woman was not allowed to have whichever visitors she wanted and her clothes and mobile phone were locked up.

The decision to lock the woman in her apartment was made by her legal guardian, her administrator, and the group of care givers, who assert that the measures were a tailor-made solution for the woman’s needs.

After receiving the complaint, the country then removed the heavy-duty lock from the woman’s door.