Drink driving pensioner in double trouble

A 76-year-old man in western Sweden was arrested twice in the space of four hours on Sunday night for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The plastered pensioner was first pulled over by police in Kullavik outside Gothenburg shortly before midnight. A breathalyzer test revealed he had a blood alcohol level of 0.152 percent, way above the legal limit of 0.02 percent.

Police officers confiscated the 76-year-old’s driving licence and his car keys before driving him to his home in nearby Kungsbacka

But despite his advanced state of inebriation, the senior citizen was not content to sleep it off and await the consequences. Four hours after the initial arrest, a taxi driver called the police to report having driven a clearly intoxicated elderly man to a parked car at Kullavik harbour.

Police officers arriving at the scene quickly spotted the same 76-year-old behind the wheel.

The pensioner had returned to his vehicle with a spare set of keys. These too were confiscated by the police, who drove the man home for the second time.

Though slightly less drunk than before, a fresh breathalyzer reading showed that he was still more than six times above the legal limit.

The man is expected to face criminal charges for two counts of serious drunk driving.