Trains halted by fallen trees

Rail traffic has ground to a halt in parts of Sweden as a result of Monday night's storm.

Three routes remained completely off limits by 8am on Tuesday: Helsingborg – Halmstad, Hässleholm – Perstorp and Lyrestad – Hova.

“Right now we’re clearing things up at Hallandsås. A lot of trees have fallen on the tracks and the overhead contact lines but we expect to be able to open the West Coast Line (Västkustbanan) through Hallandsås at twelve,” said Ola Nilsson, a spokesman for the National Rail Administration (Banverket).

Nilsson also expects the other two lines affected by the stoppage to reopen at around the same time. In the meantime, passengers are being urged to use the replacement buses provider.

Rail operator SJ has said to expect delays of between half an hour and an hour on the West Coast Line.