‘Water war’ moved from Old Town

'The Battle of Stockholm' water pistol war that will take place this afternoon in Stockholm has been moved by police to the grassy area of Gärdet.

The Old Town will thereby be spared the clash between northern Stockholm’s Armé Nord and southern Stockholm’s Armé Sud.

The Local reported on Thursday that a Facebook group had managed to collect over 7,000 names of people intending to join the fun on Friday.

The battle had been originally planned in the urban terrain of the Old Town but Stockholm police have decided to move the location to Gärdet, a grassy parkland area of eastern Stockholm.

“It is naturally a little less exciting to not have the battle in urban terrain, but I understand that one can not guarantee the safety of passers-by in the Old Town. But we can have a great battle anyway,” said Johannes Eriksson Armé Nord to Dagens Nyheter.