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Stockholm art gallery guide: August 8 – 14

Stockholm art gallery and exhibition tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Everyday life in Tibet

For the first time Joakim Eneroth’s and Malin Rosén’s Testimony is exhibited at Stockholm gallery KG52. The project provides textual and pictorial evidence of the imprisoned Tibetan monks and nuns and the torture to which the Chinese authorities expose them. The pictures have received a lot of attention and were even published in Svenska Dagbladet.

Polaroid portraits

The photographer Cato Lein became famous for his unconventional and powerful portraits of authors. The exhibition ‘The Last Polaroid Portraits’ displays some twenty authors from Bucharest at the institute for Romanian culture. The project includes also a portrait of the capital with pictures of the city and excerpts from the authors’ work.

Forty years of revolutions

Färgfabriken’s major summer exhibition, 68 08, focuses on Stockholm and a world in transition. Besides works by almost 30 artists, there will also be a conference about the points at which art and society meet. It’s about youth, the will to change and thought structures.

Romanian tricks

Bulgarian artist Ivan Moudov is next up in Moderna Museet’s contemporary series, Den 1:a (The 1st). Moudov uses collections, and often even theft, to call into question the rules of art. Like a Marcel Duchamp for the 2000s, Moudov gives a new meaning to art collecting.

In Time

No one can escape time. The National Museum delves deep into design through the eras. ‘Faces of Time’ is a temporary exhibition displaying more than 400 watches and clocks from half a millennium. A nice mixture of everything from bling and luxury to technical masterpieces.