Couple marries on roof of Globe arena

Malin Alexandersson and Leif Lundgren celebrated 08-08-08 day by climbing on to the roof of the Stockholm Globe arena to tie the knot.

The happy couple had to climb to the top of the 80 metre higher Stockholm landmark with the help of safety harnesses while their guests instead followed the wedding ceremony from a nearby balcony.

The heavy rain that hit Stockholm on Friday was close to throwing a spanner in the works – but the rain ceased just prior to the beginning of the ceremony.

The couple won the right to matrimony on the Globe’s roof in a shopping centre competition on Valentine’s Day.

The magic of the freak of the calender that meant that Friday was all the eights made the day a popular choice for couples to pledge betrothal across the world.

Areas across Sweden saw an unusually large number of couples racing to get the church on time.