Police take tough line on drugs at reggae festival

Police take tough line on drugs at reggae festival
Uppsala Reggae festival is Scandinavia's largest in the genre. Thousands of visitors come to Uppsala and this year the police as usual had their hands full with drugs offences.

More than 220 people have been arrested over the weekend festival as Uppsala police have taken a tough line against the use of drugs such as marijuana. The police have claimed progress this year as the number of minors detained is fewer than in 2007.

Of the 220 taken in for blood and urine tests only 19 were under 18-years-of-age, said Kristian Fagerberg at Uppsala police.

“In comparison with last year there are significantly fewer under-18s this year. Last year there were 46,” he said to news agency TT.

As The Local reported on Saturday several of those taken into custody for drugs offence were artists performing at the festival.

The social emergency services set up a field station in the festival area and staff have accompanied minors in police interviews.

“We think that the festival has been very well organized and there has been a broad cooperation with the organizers and the police. The festival has in its programme taken a stand against drugs,” said Kristian Fagerberg.

Bo Axelsson at Uppsala police reported that aside from the drugs offences the festival had been calm and no violent crime whatsoever had been reported.