Stockholm hospital in Facebook photo scandal

Stockholm hospital in Facebook photo scandal
A staff member at Karolinska University Hospital is to undergo an internal investigation for taking photographs of an operation and making the pictures available for viewing on social networking site Facebook, Expressen reports.

Members of the Facebook group were able to comment freely on the complex surgical procedures depicted in the images.

“I am extremely sorry. This goes against our ethical codes,” a manager at the hospital told Expressen.

Taking photos in operating theatres is strictly forbidden at the hospital unless it is for educational purposes.

The hospital is to begin investigating the incident on Monday. All surgical staff are to be called to a meeting in which they will be reminded of the hospital’s code of ethics.

The hospital has also said it is considering whether to report the staff member to the police. It will also consider the possibilty of firing the employee.

The person in question has removed the images from Facebook since the scandal came to light.