More low cost airlines fly to Stockholm

More low cost airlines fly to Stockholm
The number of low cost airlines landing at Stockholm's Arlanda airport has trebled over the last five years, Dagens Nyheter reports.

Numbers are expected to rise even more as low-cost airlines go from strength to strength.

This autumn EasyJet is adding Arlanda to its list of European destinations. One reason is that Arlanda lowered its landing fee by 15 percent last year, hoping to attract even more low-cost airlines.

Speaking to Dagens Nyheter newspaper, Stockholm-Arlanda’s manager Erik Standgren said that they are in discussions with all the low-cost European airlines, besides Ryanair which continues to be bound to Skavsta Airport in Nyköping.

Many airlines are scrambling to market themselves as low-cost airlines and attract increasingly cost-conscious Swedes who fly more and more with low-cost airlines.

According to Anders Lundblad of the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority, low-cost flights sold in Sweden outstrip regular airline tickets by far. Arlanda even uses the expression “biggest in low-cost flights” in Sweden in its marketing materials.

Strictly speaking though, Skavsta and Gothenburg City airports beat Arlanda when it comes to the number of low-cost flights, as these airports operate almost exclusively with low-cost airlines, primarily with Ryanair.

Jan Lindqvist, information officer at Arlanda, told Dagens Nyheter newspaper that it has become harder to label airlines adequately.

“In the past, the difference was clearer. Now most of them sell both expensive and cheap tickets”, he said.