Veteran wrestler thwarts armed robber

An axe-wielding 38-year-old was all out of luck on Wednesday when a veteran wrestler and a civilian police officer both happened to witness his attempted robbery of a supermarket in Eskilstuna in central Sweden.

Jeweller Per Lindeberg was buying some food and a newspaper on Wednesday afternoon when he spotted the robber with his axe at the ready, Eskilstuna-Kuriren reports.

“I got angry, grabbed the axe and pulled him to the ground,” he told the newspaper.

Aided by his wrestling experience, Lindeberg was quickly able to pin the thief to the ground.

“First I locked his arms, then I got him in a scissors grip,” he said.

The robber sank his teeth into Lindeberg’s armpit but four other shoppers came to the assistance of the wrestling jeweller.

“One older lady was really competent and held down one of the guy’s legs.”

Police officer Lisbeth Pettersson had just finished work for the day and was wearing her civilian clothing at the time of the attempted robbery.

“I think there were five of us holding him down. I had finished, but I have to intervene in situations like this,” she told Eskilstuna-Kuriren.

The armed robber was held in place until the police arrived to arrest the man.