Arson suspected in major industrial fire

A raging blaze in an industrial building on Monday in Borås in western Sweden, is a suspected arson attack.

Arson suspected in major industrial fire

By lunchtime on Monday, the fire still was not under control and there was a risk of the building’s roof collapsing.

Rescue services chief Kjell Wahlbeck told the TT news agency that “this is one of the biggest industrial fires in Sweden for many years.”

“This type of fire is very unusual.”

Wahlbeck expected it would take the whole day to extinguish the fire.

Around 50 firefighters tried to put out the fire through a hole in the roof as it was considered too dangerous to enter the building.

The fire is thought to have started in one or two cars that were parked outside the building. Rescue services were called to the scene shortly after 2am on Monday morning.

“Cars don’t just suddenly incinerate themselves”, Kjell Wahlbeck said.

So far nobody have been injured in the blaze, but rescue services are asking people who live in the immediate area to stay inside to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.