Rwandan genocide suspect to be tried in Sweden

Rwandan authorities have requested the extradition of a man in his 50s wanted on genocide charges who is currently being held at a remand centre in Sweden.

The 52-year-old man is suspected of having murdered a family of 25 in April 1994.

The suspect has been detained in Sweden for about a month, following eleven months in a Danish prison. The man was jailed in Denmark for the same crime, but released because of lack of evidence.

The Rwandan Prosecutor-General has requested that the suspect be extradited to Rwanda.

The Rwandan extradition request was contained in a highly confidential 150-page document and had to be translated before being sent to the Swedish Prosecutor-General, Riksåklagaren (RÅ).

RÅ now has eight days to demand that the district court arrest the man and bring the case to Sweden’s Supreme Court.

District prosecutor Lars Hedvall detained the man in July and told the TT news agency that the man is in custody because of an international arrest warrant out on his name.

Hedvall did not want to go into any detail regarding the crimes of which the man is accused.

The suspect is due to be tried at Solna district court, just outside Stockholm.